Hello. If you’ve already found me on Facebook, you probably have all the basic facts about me. Basically, I’m living in Decatur- GA on student status. Two years prior to this, I was in Sydney Australia. I’m Single for the most part of my life and it’s been a long journey to finally settle to this status. I love books, art, music and cooking. Often, I try to live life with just a little less expectation. I’m still confused whether I will be political.

I have an unwavering wish to be a writer and I’m pursuing the Literature Major as the first probable step to accomplish it. I like to read and write and I think that’s just about enough to qualify me as an English Major. My writing is often self-serving but I’m training myself to make more useful observations. Also, I can say that I’m well-read. Or at least I’m trying hard to be although the bound of books that I’ve actually read tends to prove the opposite: the more I read, like many many others, the more I find my knowledgeably with limits and my tolerance and empathy not so generous.

It might be that one of the reasons why you’re on this post is because of the endless pain that was the Home Page. About that,  I am sorry. I’m reconstructing this blog for the moment and that means I’ll be re-writing the stuffs that I’ve written, synthesizing the fragments and solidifying thoughts I’ve previously expressed.

If you happen to come by my blog anyway, feel free to leave a me comment of what you think, maybe suggestions of topics and where my writings could be better or anything at all. I’d be so excited to read your words

Thank you,




  1. Audrey Chin · August 22, 2013

    Thanks for dropping in on Sometimes Words Help.
    Good luck with your studies and the writing. I’d just say even 3 sentences a day will get you a book in the end!

  2. Khuyen · August 10, 2013

    Hey, best of luck to you too! I used to think pretty negatively about my English: i’m not a native speaker; i’ve been trained to focus on maths and sciences and so on so writing isn’t for me. Yet, i found myself wanting to write and so I just started writing!

  3. Phoenix Autumn · July 31, 2013

    Best of luck to you, from one writer to another! Keep writing!

    • Kathy Coffee · July 31, 2013

      Hello, thank you for the encouraging words 😀

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