Ten Articles of Faith

  1. Literature is any written material that stands the test of time, works of imagination constituted by mastery of style and expression and themes that uncover the beauty or complexity of the human soul.
  2. Literature is a narrative, a story, a history. It is the most vivid and fundamental proof that humanity, with all due complexities, ever exists.
  3. Reading literature is a way of exploring dimensions other than the lonely one we’re living in.
  4. To read literature is to study thoughts through the study of language.
  5. Any metaphor, imagery, symbol is the author’s attempt to connect to reality.
  6. Works of literature should be valued for ideas and engagement with the world as well as for aesthetic qualities.
  7. The value of a written piece of literature is purely subjective and contextual. So are the theories developed revolving judgment of literary value.
  8. Although interpreting and evaluating literature are purely personal matters, it’s always useful and important to acknowledge and understand others’ ways of interpretation (or evaluation) and the values or systems they’ve based their judgments on.
  9. The most important question to ask is whether literature should be ascribed a “universal” quality.
  10. Although one type of literature or one particular work of literature tends to prevail over the others in any time period or geographical location, its attention shouldn’t be motivated by external forces other than its own quality i.e. there shouldn’t be any man-made system or scale that privileges one over the others.

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