Just too busy to really post something with substance.


The fishes died.Two others died the next few days. It dimmers the light in my heart a little bit more. All were buried in the backyard. He did not tell me about the latter two, maybe was afraid of babysitting my tantrum, maybe was just too busy to tell.

Been in a “car accident.” First time ever. No worries. Felt just like a computer game. CRASH. And your perceptions skewered. The whole vision did a little swing. When back to Earth, time rushed and it felt flustering.


Planning to bake an apple pie. or just some plain vnmese desserts. Kinda miss the “intensity” of cooking.

Interview tomorrow. Not mine. Hope he will live up to it.

And books to go through. I’ve grown to like this kind of work. I learn bits and pieces. And fun discoveries.

-In conclusion-

Yes, you can’t break the balance of this woman’s spirit from now on, ever!



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