when it’s over.

Talk to the person that needs to be talked to.

Speak of the things that need to be spoken of.

That’s all I will do.

And the rest, be assured that I will continue to tramp on your lives, any possible way I can- be it just a grainy friction force or a total knock-out smash.

You, never realize what you did. I don’t have the strength and motivation to go over stuffs with you again. I thought I wanted to be understood and as clear as a crystal about when and how things were over. But you, the person I find almost impossible to handle, adhere to that unjust perception of me and what I did so rigidly that concepts outside your system are to your mind, undoubtedly intangible. I will have to stop trying for any more of my effort will be misunderstood as sign of remnants of affection, or worse, new feelings.

Just… wake up.




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