I don’t know what to write anymore. All my senses are now overwhelmed. What should I say? I’ve lost the strength to string my words together, I don’t have that sense anymore. Why is it so burdening to me? Why am I ever so depressed? Why did you choose to end it this way? Did you think of me at all? Oh, and your birthday, it’s coming in less than two months. What am I ever going to do about it? Do I just sit in front of the screen lamenting over what should have happened or do I just bleach it out of my mind? What are you to me after all? One of many or just one? Which would be better for me? Why are the lies? Why did you have to make it sound all good despite that it wasn’t? I hate you more than any word could describe. I’ve lost my senses. I don’t know what I am saying. I’m not sure what sort of feeling I’m having but there’s this distinct, scorching pain withering in my chest. Why did you have to torture before letting go?


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